2024 total solar eclipse path of totality

Experience the April 8th, 2024 Solar Eclipse in true style by combining it with a spring Galena getaway at Hawk Valley Retreat!

As you are probably already well aware, the U.S. will see a total solar eclipse on April 8th, 2024. The eclipse will be visible diagonally across the US, from Texas to Maine, including a large section of Illinois. We won’t see another total solar eclipse over the lower 48, after this April’s event, until August 24th, 2044.

There’s nothing quite like a solar eclipse. I’m lucky enough to have seen both a couple of partial eclipses as well as the 2017 total solar eclipse. All magical experiences I’ll never forget. No picture or video even comes close to seeing an eclipse with your own eyes. Eyes protected by eclipse glasses, of course!

Total solar eclipses are actually fairly common but the visual range of their effect, their “path of totality,” is actually quite narrow. Consequently, if you’re not directly under or very near the path of totality, you’ll only experience a partial eclipse, if anything at all.

Though Galena, IL is not directly under the 2024 Solar Eclipse path of totality, we’re still quite close. This means that, while we will only see a partial eclipse, it will very nearly be full. Still a spectacular natural show to experience here at Hawk Valley Retreat!

2024 Solar Eclipse Over Galena

the 2024 solar eclipse
What maximum eclipse will look like from Galena, IL

If you’ve ever watched the sun rise or set, you can imagine the speed of a solar eclipse. An eclipse totality, the period of time that the moon covers the sun, can be almost 7 and a half minutes long. The 2024 solar eclipse totality, as seen in Illinois, will be a little over 4 minutes long.

In Galena, we’ll be treated to a partial eclipse, beginning at 12:48:40. This is known as “first contact,” when the moon’s shadow first touches the sun. The moon’s shadow will grow over the next hour or so, until, by 2:04:14, it will be at maximum eclipse, nearly covering the face of the sun.

It will take another hour and 14 minutes for the moon’s shadow to completely leave the sun’s face. Eventually, at 3:18:27, the partial eclipse will be over. That’s nearly three hours of non-stop natural phenomena! Now just imagine enjoying it in a beautiful, private, natural environment like the grounds of Hawk Valley Retreat.

Thousands of eclipse fans will come to Illinois for this historic event. Most, of course, will head south for the full path of totality. Those looking for a less crowded, more intimate experience will enjoy taking it all in from our Galena B&B.

April 8th is a Monday, so plan for a 3 or 4-day extended weekend to take in this rare event. Our Galena inn is a nature lover’s destination on 10 secluded acres of meadows and gardens, just 8 miles east of downtown Galena.

Come take in the eclipse from the natural peace and beauty of our adults-only Galena Bed and Breakfast. Explore the grounds, take in a sunset or three, shop, dine, and explore Galena; make the most of your time, here in your own private haven.

Learn more about the 2024 eclipse in Illinois at www.greatamericaneclipse.com and specifically in Galena at www.timeanddate.com.