At Hawk Valley Retreat and Cottages, we have over 10 acres of beautiful nature, including our hiking trails.  But, if you are looking for a little more exercise in the great outdoors, we are blessed with some great trails for Hiking in Galena, just a short drive away from our nature lover’s bed and breakfast.

Great Places for Hiking in Galena

The view across to Galena from Horseshoe Mound, Illinois
The view across to Galena from Horseshoe Mound, Illinois

Horseshoe Mound Preserve

With views of Iowa, the Mississippi River, Illinois, and Wisconsin, Horseshoe Mound is just East of Galena, IL.  With 40 acres to explore, this is great for the whole family, including a children’s adventure and the Council Ring, a Stonehenge-like structure whose stones align at the solstices. The Council Ring is only a quarter of a mile hike from the parking lot. Horseshoe Mound is a great place to relax and enjoy a picnic or just relish the view. You can see from the picture alone that when you are here, you feel like you could be someplace far away.

Apple River Canyon State Park 

Located 25 miles northwest of Hawk Valley Retreat and Cottages, Apple River Canyon State Park features deep ravines, steep bluffs, springs, and Five hiking trails.  This area was part of the prehistoric seafloor that went from the Rocky Mountains to the Alleghenies, and the canyon was carved out by the meandering Apple River.  Trails go from mild to more hazardous.

Casper Bluff Land & Water Reserve 

Part of the Jo Daviess Conservation Foundation, Casper Bluff Land & Water Reserve, offers impressive views of the Mississippi River.  Included on the property is the Aiken Mound Group created by the close-by community of Aiken.  These and other Effigy Mounds are from between 700 and 100 AD in the four-state area. 

Yellowstone lake state park

A 45-minute drive from Hawk Valley Retreat and Cottages, Yellowstone Lake State Park is a Wisconsin State Park.  Like all of these trails listed, it is in the driftless area, and this 1000 area park includes several trails that vary in difficulty. 

Hawk Valley Retreat is your perfect base for Hiking in Galena

Wherever you choose to wander, Hawk Valley Retreat is your perfect home base for exploring our breathtaking Driftless Area. Choose one of our Cottages,, and you can grill your feast or have us deliver a charcuterie board to be waiting for you after your adventures. As always, book direct for the best rates and access to all of our packages. As always, Relax, Explore, and Restore at our nature lover’s bed and breakfast.

lanscape photo of a path between green trees with the sun shiing through